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     As an architectural critic, I have met and interviewed many homeowners throughout my career. When my friend, architect Tom Szumlic, proposed writing a book on the subject of “home,” I was intrigued.

      Whether the goal was to design or simply to publish their home in a newspaper or magazine, we discovered some common themes among individuals and families who created nurturing residential environments. 

   The pages represent years of collective and diverse observations on the art of being good homeowners, good neighbors, and good communities.

      This e-book  will have little relevance to those looking for a how-to manual.  It will not teach you how to build a deck, wallpaper your kitchen or tile a bathroom. Nor is this an academic musing regarding architectural theory (at least, not intentionally.) 

      Rather, this e-book is intended to provide some insight into what is truly important…creating a unique form of shelter for our souls.