Hospitality is the act of making people feel at home — when you wish they were.


The difference between a “house” and a “home” may lie in its hospitality.

We’ve all experienced the pleasure of visiting one: The pantry is always stocked for a party, the rooms of the home fairly twinkle and the aromas from the kitchen cast a spell upon all who enter. Photographs of family and friends are displayed prominently, allowing everyone to experience the fun all over again.

Fortunately, a hospitable home need not be fancy to be fun. It simply encourages friends to drop in unexpectedly, to celebrate a day of sunshine or to sit around a coffee table.

The essentials of hospitality include flexibility and informality. They may not sound very glamorous, but they are the behind-the-scenes secrets to turning any house into a home.

Another suggestion:  Offer a glass of water to anyone who delivers anything to your home.