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    The homes we all remember the most are the quirky ones.


    The backstairs that connected Mrs. Hinkle’s kitchen to her bedrooms were woefully narrow and steep. A single overhead bulb illuminated the twisting, dark blue treads. But the terror of climbing them inevitably disappeared when visitors reached an awkward landing. It was there that they first glimpsed sunshine streaming through the bullseye window at the top of the stairs.

  Certainly it would never qualify for the pages of any glossy architectural design magazine.  Perhaps this is why we remember the quirky homes: they have vitality and offer a richer, more stimulating experience. Odd proportions are much more intriguing than safe or expected combinations.

   We all have these eccentric spaces in our memories: The secret narrow hallway that connected two rooms through the back of closets, the doorway that went behind the stairs.

  • The homes of our memories give form to the homes of our dreams.