A pool of dark chocolate swirls in the bottom of a blue glass bowl. She dips a finger in for a quick taste – delicious! Then Trena Martin Wheeler plunges a paint brush into the bowl and begins applying a thick coat of chocolate to her client’s feet.

The newest indulgence: A Chocolate Spa Pedicure.

“Every woman loves chocolate,” says Wheeler. “It’s a natural antioxidant and aroma therapeutic. I always use dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate because it’s richer.”

The idea originated from a spa in Hershey, Pennsylvania, but quickly caught on throughout the country.

“It’s kind of gooey, but it feels yummy,” reports Wheeler’s client, waving a chocolate-covered foot in the air.

Though she had never heard of a chocolate pedicure before, the 24-year-old decided to indulge in one before leaving on vacation for the Dominican Republic.

“It sounded so good – I just hope I don’t eat my feet.”