Make a porch big enough for a swing.


  Opening the front door, we stand somewhere between the sanctity of our home and the craziness of the world.  It is called the front porch.

 We greet and embrace on the porch, where we are both vulnerable and secure. Here, we are neither completely exposed nor completely enclosed…what a great place!

  The porch can be likened to the bridge of a ship. Horizons and destinations can be seen — there are no limits, here.

  On a summer evening, sit and swing, with your back to the house and eyes to the future.

  • Personalizing your porch or entry with a wreath, mailbox, or planter has been proven to be an effective home security system. There are fewer break-ins.
  • Imagine being under a porch during a summer rain with someone you care about.   
    • Try a small ” 2-seater” porch adjacent to bedrooms, kind of a sports car convertible approach, a dream space for you and someone you love. 

                “Maine Porch” photograph by Jamieson Thomas