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Everything is a house to a child….a tree and the space under a table.

 When thinking about a house, see like a child.

 A little home for little people: The dining room table can be truly amazing. The flat plane of the tabletop becomes a roof, while the lacy cloth that hangs down on each side provides as much security as a brick wall.

  • Children live with a sense of awe. They live with amazement, not judgement, and their possibilities are endless. Are you living in awe of your surroundings?

  Design and build as if you were passing your home down to your grandchildren.

 Before you begin designing your home, visit your childhood city or town and take pictures of the houses that inspired you. Return to the homes in your memories…


Excerpted from “Home: Celebrating the Spaces of Your Heart,” available soon at Apple’s iBookstore.

“Daniel’s Fort” photograph by Jamieson Thomas