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A whole beaver family, and sometimes beavers from other families, may join in building a dam.

Beavers enlarge and repair their lodge as long as they live in it. Commitment is a way of life. Who taught the beavers?Think of all creatures in the natural world. Can you come up with any animal that simply lives alone? Marvel at this social structure of the animal kingdom. How much more can we learn from nature?

  •  Our pets live for love, a gentle stroke, and a kind word. They sometimes remind us of how little we return this warmth to our own species…
  • Support some form of wildlife in your yard.  Locate a bird feeder outside the kitchen window. 
    • The songs of the birds are wonderful. Accompany them with wind chimes.


  • Excerpted from Home: “Celebrating the Spaces of Your Heart,” available soon at Apple’s iBookstore.