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The individual and the community are inseparable.


Have you ever observed schools of fish or birds in flight? When one changes its direction, others quickly follow. In a similar vein, your actions will affect your neighbors’.

Paint your front door and your neighbor will paint his front door. Attach some designer numbers to your house, clean up the yard, plant some new landscaping and watch what happens.

Realize the powerful influence we have on each other. We are not isolated in our homes, but quite connected in our neighborhoods.

  • Take an interest in your region — understand its customs and integrate them, physically, into your lifestyle. For example, how does the local climate affect the way you live? 
  • Attend a public zoning hearing. This is the process of law being projected into physical form. Stay informed and participate.
  • Support and use public transportation. Take a public transit line to a part of town you have never visited.  Renew interest and excitement in your surroundings constantly.  Don’t let the routine blind you to the local landscape.