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  There is no such thing as maintenance – free. You’ve got to love your house into shape!

 But what is a bit of sanding or sealing every few years? Ask any preservationist about replacing a rotted floorboard or railing, and they will speak of  “a labor of love” that will revive you even as you restore it

Maintaining a home fills a void in our lives that neither career nor domesticity quite touches… Most families experience extraordinary satisfaction after completing a common endeavor, such as repainting a room. It’s easy to see how houses can perform functions in our lives that have nothing to do with shelter or investment.


  • Some parts of a house are just like spark plugs in a car. They wear out and you replace them. Use these events to improve your life.
  • Spend just an hour a week fixing stuff around your domicile. The results will accumulate, they’ll be noticed, and appreciated.
  • How we respond to the ruptures in our roofs says more about the state of our being than the state of our personal finances.

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