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Makeup starts melting on Florida faces around the end of June.

The heat and humidity of the Sunshine State continue to wreak havoc with our faces until Halloween. But life doesn’t stop, despite sweltering 95-degree temperatures. So we search for makeup that doesn’t drip, smear, ooze into creases, change color, clog pores, exude oil or cause pimples.

Basically, we need a blast of cold, arctic air.

Until then, we have to make do with some guidelines for maintaining a cool, polished appearance during these sizzling days of summer.

An expert on makeup that keeps its cool through the most trying circumstances is Dalia Caro, owner of New Woman Studio, an online skin care salon. Caro has worked with models in the humidity of outdoor photo shoots and news anchors whose makeup must withstand the blaze of television lights.

“Start with smooth skin that’s been resurfaced with some kind of glycolic acid product,” says Caro.

Hot weather brings oil and sweat to the surface of the skin, Caro explains. The slippery surface makes it hard for cosmetics to stay on your face.

“Oil causes your makeup to turn an orange color,” she says. “Perspiration causes the colors to fade.”

If the face is free of brown spots or blemishes, Caro suggests a sunless self-tanner for a bronzed appearance that lasts several days. For skin that’s less than perfect, a matte foundation works best since it provides even color and conceals imperfections.

In addition, she suggests:

Eye shadow lasts longer if you use a primer or concealer on the eyelid first. Cream shadows and cream-to-powder shadows have more staying power than powder shadows and are less likely to crease.

Eyeliner. Look for a waterproof or water-resistant liner. Avoid greasy pencil liners which smudge in high humidity.

Mascara. Waterproof mascara will resist water and tears. However, it can make lashes dry and brittle and is difficult to remove. Use it only when you expect your eyes to get wet: playing tennis, swimming or attending weddings and funerals.

Lipstick. The new, long-lasting lipsticks will stay on through sweat, rain and chlorinated water. Cream and matte-finish lipsticks last longer than gloss and moisturizing lipsticks.