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There is some kind of natural order to cleaning closets and drawers.  You take stock of who you are and who you want to be. Something magic happens in these exchanges. The windows are cranked open and a new exchange of air is made. Things are passed on to siblings, relatives, or the community.  Something happens….a new beginning.

( So here’s the ultimate cosmic question: What happens to missing socks?)

* Cleaning drawers and closets is a bit like pruning plants: The new and beautiful will follow.

 * We connect closets with clothes. If your walk-in closet is big enough, why not put a desk inside? 

* Our wardrobes, drawers, and closets are houses for our personal things. The design, selection and construction for these little homes deserve the same attention as their larger prototype. 

* Good storage and good  design is measured in inches.

* “Our life is frittered away by detail…simplify, simplify.”    ~  Henry David Thoreau