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Makeup artists are giving a lot of lip next fall. Faces feature strong lips in plum or red that dominate muted cheeks.

“Classic red always looks good, though younger women may want to experiment with shades of plum or purple,” said Jeanine Lobell, who did makeup for several New York runway shows this season, and predicts glossy lips. “When you face the mirror this fall, lips will look more naughty than nice.”

But if lips are the focal point, take it easy on your eyes.

“For a dramatic effect, you must emphasize the eyes or the lips – not the entire face,” advises Dalia Caro of New Woman Studio in Tampa, Florida. Caro has spent more than 20 years teaching women about skin care and makeup application. “I recommend using a lip primer, which is rather like a foundation, to eliminate those feathering lines around the mouth. It’s so important to fill in those lines when you’re wearing darker shades of lipstick.”

However, deep, murky eye shadows also are a good bet for fall: Lots of eyeliner appeared regularly on runway faces, angled thickly for a cat-eye effect.

Good news: achieving the look doesn’t necessarily require buying new products.
“Eyeliner can be done with a pencil, then blended with a brush for a soft effect,” Caro says. “Or, get a tiny brush, wet it, and dip it in the corner of any eye shadow. It becomes a liquid liner without buying a new product.”