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Kate Spade

I’ve discovered something sweet about having poor vision as I get older: I never see anyone’s wrinkles — everyone appears in soft focus! (I never see dust on the baseboards, either, but that’s another story.)
Really, if someone’s face is close enough for me to see an age spot or under-eye bag, well, I’m probably focused on something else entirely.

I’ve worn glasses since I was 12 years old, though vanity propelled me into contact lenses in high school. Today, I take comfort in knowing that 182.6 million Americans use some form of corrective eyewear.
(If you’ve had Lasik surgery, please stop gloating.)
Not surprisingly, 55.3 million Americans have more than one pair of prescription eyeglasses. It appears that an eyewear wardrobe is the answer to updating your fashion needs.

According to The Vision Council, daring shapes such as futuristic cat-eyes demand attention in 2013, along with surprisingly slim, aerodynamic profiles. Chunky acetate frames are further embellished with over-the-top gems, flat tops, silver chains and studs, lacy trappings and dramatic temple detailing.

The Vision Council also insists, “Seductive jet black is the color to live by.” That is fortunate, since I own a pair. I thought wearing black glasses makes me look scholarly…but I think I like seductive better.

(Does anyone else love the Kate Spade shopper, “Boys make passes at Girls in glasses” pictured above?)