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There are plenty of ways to “open up” your living spaces by fooling the eye to make others (and yourself!) think that your home is much, much larger than it actually is. It doesn’t always require tearing down walls or major renovations. Here are a few tricks to make your home a real “treat!”

1.Go With Glass
If you are doing a bathroom renovation, choose glass shower doors over a shower curtain, which becomes a visual barrier instead of letting your eyes take in every inch of space that exists. Similarly, you can replace wooden doors for french doors, or any doors with interior glass panels.
2.Hang Mirrors
You can choose either individual mirrors, or mirrors that go from floor to ceiling, to reflect light and make a small room feel more open. Think about what parts of the room you want to see reflected before hanging anything.
3.Choose the Right Furniture
Avoid heavy, solid furniture or skirted sofas. Instead choose pieces on raised legs, or made of clear materials, that have less visual weight.
4.Raise & Widen Your Curtains
Extending the curtain rod beyond the actual window- both in terms of height and width, makes you think the window is larger, and the ceilings taller, than they actually are. If there are two or more windows side by side, try one curtain on the entire wall – hanging separate pairs unnecessarily chops up the space.

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