When you’ve written a book, the next thing you must do is create an author website. It’s the first place readers go to find out about you.

As I recently discovered, finding a cure for cancer may be easier than creating a website. Starting with a bit of research, I went straight to http://www.jkrowling.com because:

  1. I wanted to see what a professional did and
  2. I’ve been told I bear a slight resemblance to the creator of Harry Potter.

No surprise: Her website is lovely, no doubt because her budget is unlimited. She lives in a castle in Edinburgh and is married to a British doctor. Advantage – Joanne.

Experts suggest, “Make the site more about YOU the author, than about your book. A personal site is usually more compelling to readers and potential media than a book site.” Unfortunately, my life is quite unremarkable (much like my skills in technology.) Authors like me generally have two choices: the DIY approach or hiring a professional designer.

John Cossu of SOS (Software Oriented Solutions, not “Save Our Ship” though that acronym works, too) came to my rescue. A few clicks of the mouse allowed words and widgets to fall into place – no magic wand needed!

I hope you visit the new website www.reneegarrison.com. (I also hope you like it.) Please let me know!

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