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“I need your help.”
Kathy’s voice quavered on the phone – not unusual for a woman whose husband recently died.
I arrived at her home to find her holding a silver bracelet with a hidden compartment for ashes, a filling kit and a tiny screwdriver. Her hands shook.
Following the cremation of a loved one, many people like Kathy aren’t sure of the best way to store the ashes. Rather than placing all of the cremains in one large urn, cremation jewelry is a way to share the ashes with family (who may want to keep a small portion) or simply to keep a loved one close. [See: “Remembering Mom,” May 4, 2014]
My sister opted for a glass pendant that was made using a small amount of our mother’s ashes. I chose a gold teardrop charm, which I’ve worn to weddings, graduations and birthday celebrations. (My mother loved a good party.)
No one knows who/what I am wearing, just as no one admiring Kathy’s bracelet will suspect its contents. Yet, the simple act of wearing these items helps us cope with the loss of someone we loved.
Indeed, jewelry offers such a splendid form of therapy.