Tired of working at your kitchen table? The newest working-from-home trend is transforming a backyard shed into a workspace. The benefits include privacy as well as natural light. You might even enjoy a bit of a view from your outdoor office!

A lot of people have found working from home leads to no work-life balance, but having a dedicated space separate from their living areas helps. It may keep you focused when you’re working.

But if you’ll have meetings in your office, how can you create a space where guests feel comfortable? (Definitely move the pitchfork and shovel.) You’ll need electricity in your shed and also Wi-Fi. Maybe a landscaped path leading from the house to your office?

I guess the kitchen table doesn’t look too bad after all…

Renee Garrison is the award-winning author of “Anchored Together,a new coming-of-age book for teens impacted by family alcoholism.