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While you’re spending the holidays in a tropical locale or in a quaint European town, thieves could be planning to attack your home. Yet a few easy steps can make your home look occupied and protect your property. (If it looks like there are still people at home, you’re much less likely to be robbed.) Do everything you can to make it look like there’s activity both inside and outside the
Up your exterior light game: While you’re automating your lights, make sure you have enough of them on the outside of your home. A well-lit place is less likely to be an attractive target for a thief. And motion-activated lights that pop on when they sense movement outside your home can help protect it every day.
Let your neighbors know: If those who live closest to you know that you’re away, they’re likely to keep a closer eye on your home and be alerted to strange noises or unfamiliar faces.
Consider mail and newspaper delivery: Thieves may notice an overfilled mailbox and take that as a cue to hit your home. A smart robber who is watching will notice that the mail is not being delivered. It might be best to continue with mail delivery and ask a neighbor to collect it for you.
Check your doors and windows before you leave:
You might not realize you have a back door or first-floor window that’s unlocked, but a thief will.
Chill on the social media updates: Just posted a picture on Facebook of the family hanging out on Maui or tweeted about a great restaurant you found near Disney World? You just gave thieves all the info they need to make your home next on their list. If you still want to make sure you’re sharing your good times online, set your profiles to private. Or, wait until you get home to post photos.